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Table of Contents

1 . Executive overview

1 . you Introduction of company

Vietnam Airlines is a national carrier of Vietnam, which was set up in 1956 under the name Vietnam Civil Aviation. Vietnam Air carriers offers excellent service, high quality products, comforting atmosphere at competitive value to their customers. They also make a hospitable, effective and dynamic working environment for all their staff to perform the very best abilities and skills for the company.

Vietnam Air carriers mission: Their very own mission will be one of the best air carriers in the world. Staying the best means they try to achieve good in anything they do. Their dynamic crew offers the highest quality service to ensure that customers will probably be happy whenever they choose Vietnam Airlines.

The 4 vital key success components:

Destination: picking destinations to assist Vietnam connect to the world.

Environment: providing a welcoming and friendly environment with relaxing and high quality service to make buyer feel like their home.

Convenience: offering customers with a whole array of services and flexible flight hours.

Reputation: choosing professional groups to satisfy clients with excellent personal services.

The Lotus flower has been selected as a image and logo of Vietnam Airline seeing that 2002, which usually presents the most meaningful symbols of Japanese people. In Vietnamese traditions, the that lotus is considered because the representation of historic strength and powerful assisting to retain their particular traditions. With this logo, Vietnam Airlines believe that they will enhance their placement in the world vehicles hub (

1 . 2 Market overview

Despite of economic recession, flight industry continue to develops drastically by providing good quality service put together with accelerating consumer perception. News, WTTC features reported that airline sector is becoming one of the dynamic sectors of present global economic climate. The earnings of this sector has been believed about £6 trillion and share 9% of global GDP (gross domestic product). The industry has been providing 260 million jobs around the world either indirectly. The high demand for airline service continues to be grown by simply 2 . 8% in 2012, that assist reduce joblessness and make new products and services in recent times.

2 . Company background

Eye-sight and objective

The eye-sight of Vietnam airline is starting to become the best air travel company in Asia pacific region creating the highest quality Cookware, Traditional Japanese and Western cuisine, which can provide outstanding services and products to get accomplished pleasure for all buyers. Therefore , in order to achieve the incredible perspective and mission of the business, Vietnam flight always comply with these responsibilities:

Commitment to goal achievement

Every staff of the company has their personal goals and aware the ultimate goals in the company. Vietnam airline feels that giving their personnel with the methods to enjoy a guaranteeing and tough career and opportunities pertaining to development and growth Responsibilities to useful time supervision

The company interprets the important time of consumers; hence, standard times for each service will be established and applied in order to maximize performance and performance for both equally staffs and customers. Obligations to excellent quality

The concept of excellent quality is to provide those solutions, which are qualified and remarkable. The staff groups have outstanding skills in professional and customer service. Obligations to spectacular, unbelievable customer service

One of many key success in flight industry is usually applying the best technologies and operating systems to maximize productivity and increase customer satisfaction levels.

a few. Marketing strategies...

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