Trifles: A Psychoanalytical Point of view

 Trifles: A Psychoanalytical Point of view Essay

Trifles: Psychological Crucial Perspective

Erica Belton

Psychoanalytical perspective is the checking out of the mind at a deeper thought process. A mindful and subconscious state of mind at the rear of the actions and behavior of the character types. Psychoanalytical point of view is found through the entire play " Trifles” through conflicts, symbolism, point of view, and in many cases gender functions. These elements help the reader better understand the activities of the heroes.

Susan Keating Glaspell (1882-1948) wrote the play " Trifles” within a time of questionable feminist concerns. Glaspell, cofounder of a theatrical company was also a person in radical feminist groups. It is known that Glaspell married her husband during a time in which gender roles played a important role in society. This could be the effect behind many of Glaspell heroes. Glaspell, Portrayed her thoughts and feelings through the actions of her characters. For example , Glaspell thought to write " Trifles” originated in a real murder trial that Glaspell was assigned to cover as a newspapers reporter.

The play starts at the Wright farmhouse where Mr. Wright has been murdered in his sleeping. They entered the house, state attorney, the sheriff, and Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters. The men and women have come to investigate the case against Minnie Foster, the wife useless of Mister. Wright. As the play opens gender roles perform an important position within the heroes as they look for clues. The boys thought they were putting together a case but ended up being overlooking each of the important data. All the proof the women observed lead to them solving the murder case.

In the kitchen the boys did nothing but insult Minnie and her kitchen. Producing insulting responses such as " nothing her but home things” and " Here is a nice chaos. Mocking the ladies over " trifles” by simply saying, " Women are more comfortable with worrying more than trifles. ”(Glaspell, 2011) As the men leave to go upper level Mrs. Blooming and Mrs. Peters were left on the ground floor to gather what to take to...

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