The Three Complications in the 2000 Presidential Election

 The Three Problems in the 2150 Presidential Selection Essay

Three Problems in the 2000 President Election

One of many problems that happened during the 2150 presidential election was how the news stations called the state of Florida for Al Gore, while there are two time zones in the point out. On the western side, those still acquired one entire hour to cast their very own ballots. Likewise, there was nonetheless 12 moments left around the Eastern area. This caused much misunderstandings, and people did not know whom to believe. A survey believed that 15, 000 persons did not vote, because of this. That is serious, and could have been easily prevented by waiting one other hour and twelve moments.

Another difficulty that occurred during the political election was that Florida's recount was headed by the Florida Admin of Point out, Katherine Harris. This would not need been that big of your deal, although she kept the position to be President Bush's state campaign co-chairwoman. She also had a pretty bad tendencies during all of this, which triggered suspicion. The suspicion was especially brought up when she was effective Palm Seashore County's voting board to carry out a manual recount. To make things even worse, she also housed a few of the Republican Get together advisors. Had she performed what your woman was professional, there might not need been numerous issues with Florida's recount.

1 last concern that was due to the 2k election is that there were 57, 746 people that were felons on the " scrub list”-which means they were not allowed to vote. Some of those people nevertheless were wrongly listed. Some people's felons were comparable to bigger kinds, and some had been even went out with after the season 2000. With the confusion and it being hard to share who actually was allowed with the polls, some people could not always be contacted, and for that reason did not election.

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