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The 70 sevens: an exegetical analyze of

Daniel on the lookout for: 24-27

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June 13, 2013


Throughout church background, orthodox scholars and theologians from several positions have come to the agreement that the your life, ministry, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ accomplished Daniel 9. Such theologians as Calvin, Jerome, Augustine, Jonathan Edwards, and many more throughout history have agreed to this same truth. In the 1930's nevertheless , a man named John Nelson Darby shattered from this traditions with a new theological system, Dispensationalism. This system is usually an evangelical, futurist, biblical interpretation that understands The almighty to have relevant to humans in various ways beneath different Biblical covenants in a series of dispensations, or times of history. Because of dispensationalism, the seventy several weeks prophesy of Daniel on the lookout for: 24-27 has also been divided into distinct blocks. This paper hopes to show the fact that traditional and orthodox watch of the text is correct, and that the prophecy is at fact fulfilled within the era of Christ and His ministry.

The 60 to 70 Weeks of Daniel being unfaithful:

Those who trust in a traditional look at of Daniel have little dispute over the number of years it was a little while until to fulfill the prophecy, four hundred and 90 years. The weeks of the seventy weeks of years are broken into three separate segments or groups. The initial category, the first seven weeks, is a period of forty-nine years that spans from the beginning of the prediction to the end of the 1st " installment” of the decree (9: 25). The second period, which involves sixty-two several weeks of years, totaling four hundred and thirty-four years, with the first part gives you a sum total of four hundred and eighty-three years. It should be talked about; scholars will be in overall agreement with these two views of Daniel's rule, having the Futurist as well as the preterist agreeing on the preteristic understanding of the prophetic sum. Over and above this point even so is wherever scholars distinct their sights. The Futurist view claims that the prophetic clock stopped within this decree. The preterist believes the particular weeks of years, and also the final week of eight years, run congruent inside the prophecy by itself. This provides the total number to four hundred and eighty consecutive years.

The Dispensational system keeps to the watch that the specific clock in this particular four hundred and ninety year period offers ceased. This kind of result is due to the Israeli rejection of the Messiah. Dispensationalists separate the first 400 and 83 years through the final eight years, placing gap in the prophecy itself. There has been practically two 1, 000 years of separating from the four hundred and eighty-three years to the current due to the being rejected of the Messiah by His home country of israel. Archer explains it similar to this; " the information of sixth is v. 26 show that a lengthy but undeterminable interval is supposed between A. D. 27(the end of the sixty-ninth heptad)- after Messiah appears; then this Crucifixion takes place; Jerusalem is definitely destroyed by the Romans; and finally, there is a amount of overwhelming devastation, war and desolation- and the inception of the final several years of the past days (v. 27), accompanied by which the antitypical prince or perhaps supreme dictator covenants with all the Jewish people for several years of spiritual tolerance, just to revoke his promise following three . 5 years. Even though his disagreement seems to be made out of precision, you will discover questions that must be asked concerning his location. First: what evidence can there be for a almost two thousand-year gap in the fulfillment in the prophecy? What Biblical or Extra-Biblical evidences are there to show that these events were satisfied within...

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