The Curse (Form 5 Spm Literature)

 The Curse Form a few Spm Literature Essay


Lee Su Ann was born 33 years ago and is the eldest kid in a family of five. Developing up in Penang, she began writing when justin was 13 and published her first brief story when she was 16. Her favourite writers are Agatha Christie, Her Austen and Isaac Asimov. Although the girl trained and worked because an embryologist at a fertility center for five years, your woman kept her passion intended for writing and wrote numerous works of fiction and non- fictional works and had several of her short stories and articles published in The Legend and the Fresh Straits Period since year 1994.

The girl had won several writing tournaments: a short tales writing competition organised by Resort Globe in 1994, titled The Fun They Had; a science essay competition put by BP and NST in 1998 entitled Science and Technology while Solution to Malaysia's Environmental Issue; and a 3rd place in a shorter story competition organised simply by Malita Jaya in 2001 titled Suspicion.

The seed intended for " the Curse” was planted although she was studying in university and was designed in 2205' with time for it to be submitted to get the Utusan Group Reward for Materials Award. The novel gained the second award for The english language Novel Category.

Su Ann is currently a full- time Medical Writer.


" The Curse” is about a girl, named Azreen, her parents and sis, Madhuri. Azreen, a strong-headed girl is usually studying working in london but has to take a keep from her study when she obtains the news about her sister's death. She is curious about the reason for her sister's sudden death. When the lady reaches home, her sister's body has become brought to the cemetery. Your woman overhears a village gossiper, Puan Normala talks about her sister's fatality. Normala promises that her sister has become murdered and has shed white bloodstream. On her come back, Azreen discovers a few truths about her family and persons around her. First your woman finds out that her sister has been in love with Asraf, and provides planned to marry and divorced her husband, Hj Ghani. Second, Awang, the Shaman provides actually induced the car accident which his parents are involved in and causes her mother for being paralysed. Third, she learns that Madhuri is actually her adopted sibling and the crazy woman is usually Madhuri's biological mother. Next and finally, the girl discovers that Madhuri has accidentally been killed by her daddy. There is one particular old woman whom Azreen has took on for mental support. The woman lives alone in an abandoned residence in the new world. Azreen learns a lot regarding life using this wise outdated woman. The woman nevertheless dies within a fire began by Asraf who has blamed her for his grandmother's death. By the end, Azreen comes back to Greater london to finish her study. She has learned an invaluable lesson by her few days away at her little small town in Langkawi Island. This wounderful woman has learned to forgive other folks and to appearance ahead.



Azreen Saleh earnings home via London, in which she at the moment pursuing her studies upon receiving reports of her sister, Madhuri's death. The girl packs her suitcase and leaves gently without telling her close friends. She goes toward the nearest subway station. On her way generally there, she meets Julian Ng, her classmate. They wager each other goodbye. She describes to Julian her cause of leaving nevertheless hesitates to elaborate further. CHAPTER 2

Azreen requires a flight home. On the planes, she recollects her child years days with her sister, Madhuri. Madhuri is several years over the age of her and Azreen offers despiced her for being the prettier one particular. Soft spoken, filial with her parents and well- well-liked by everyone. However, Azreen is short, bespectacled, fiery- reinforced and always speak her head. Azreen is usually envious of her sister's popularity and does not like to always be compared to her. She also recalls the more content times spent with Madhuri's cycling beyond daylight hours paddy field and choosing rambutans and fallen durians from the fresh fruit plantation. PART 3

Azreen return to her village. The girl with greeted at the airport by...

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