The Hidden Side of Capitalism

 The Invisible Side of Capitalism Article


Hidden Side of Capitalism

Done By: Bahaa Takieddine

Lebanese American School

Class: English II

Section: 11


Claim: Capitalism is leading to several adverse effects telling the truth of countries equality, since it arises to grow the distance between abundant & poor and exploiting laborers. I. The gap between wealthy and poor throughout countries has been a major problem that comes under group of being affected by capitalism. A. Profits

1-Reich(2007) states that inequality led to major difference between rich and poor. 2-In USA, you will find the difference in getting medical insurance. W. Foreigners browsing countries

1-Said Arabians investing in Lebanon

C. Alienation of skills

1-Monopolizations of firms in some countries

2-Rise of machine use

D. Inheritance

1-Rich stay rich and poor try hard to survive the living standards.

II. The contradiction in capitalism system is shown once rich persons try taking advantage of their own employees, while elevating their capital A. Labor manipulation

1-Increasing capital of rich within the back of the poor

2- Joblessness

3- Reducing number of employee to increase revenue

B. Taking advantage of of wealthy countries upon poor countries laborers 1-Chinese, and Parts of asia

2-Colonism age

3- Disproportion relationship among both abundant and poor government C. Corruption in Investment

1- Capable of investment in several sectors

3. However , many people believe that capitalism is a superb source of motivation for people, and investing projects. Yet it creates an economic distance between rich and poor, leading to inequality.

Conclusion: Capitalism has been a mainstream that damaged many areas, it made a gap between rich and poor, used laborers and raised joblessness rate. Therefore can it make it through?


Capitalism is leading to some negative effects on the countries equality, mainly because it arises to expand the gap between rich & poor and exploiting laborers. It is making a gap between rich and poor through income, overseas visits and increase of price, indifference of skills and inheritance. Moreover, exploiting laborers and manipulating of rich countries on poor countries employees, where in addition, it corrupts investing sector. However , many persons believe that capitalism enhances superb opportunity for most and bonus for improvement, yet capitalism shows greediness in people and investors, they become more money oriented and less brotherhood. In conclusion, capitalism has been a popular that damaged many groups. It broadened the distance between wealthy and poor within countries and overseas, so should it survive?

Hidden Side of Capitalism

Throughout generations, the world has become incredible into a global market, wherever technological advancement happened, press took the shape and capitalism handled the system. Nevertheless , societies fluctuate in what economic system they develop, many believe that these economic devices are the appropriate ones just like capitalism, the reds, and socialism. Indeed, they all are relevant to the situation within the nation and the main concentration of presidency. Today we witness capitalism in a wide range of countries in fact it has made its method in the time of increasing qualities of life, so we shed light regarding its main aspects. We all interpret it as a maker for global market exactly where universe turn into as one, but they have any wondered what capitalism is having from inside.

Robert B. Reich (2007) who is a professor of public coverage at the College or university of A bunch of states argues that " Capitalism and democracy are the ideological figures enabling unprecedented success and flexibility to the world”, but still all of us doubt can be happening inside our days. Us is one of the major countries that hold this economy, like a number of other Asian & European countries. Yet , still there's an attempt of discovering can be happening inside gates on this system. Steven Pearlstein (2012) who is a small business and economics...

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