Synthesis Essay

Synthesis Essay 22.08.2019
 Synthesis Composition

Chris Dejesus

Mrs. Thomen

AP Lang (3)

October a few, 2014

Synthesis Essay

Dialect has changed a whole lot over time, in good and several bad methods. Today we have so many different explanations to dialect, most meanings depend on the west, and others come from the way we all live our every day life as an individual. Language to me is not just the way that individuals speak or write, vocabulary is the method we present our thoughts to other folks. I say it's far not only about composing or speaking to one another, since today we have many other methods of communicating with other folks all around the world, if that is personally or it is with someone thousands of miles apart. A huge sort of this, will be with all the fresh and superior technology that we get today, it allows us to speak to family and random strangers from all over the world. Technology has changed the way we speak with each other within a big way, because when texting or perhaps emailing somebody, the other person won't see your cosmetic expression or your body vocabulary, which is a big part in terms of someone interpretation the meaning you are sending; This makes us think as though language controls a big part of all of us daily. Today in chapel we had a guy come to check out all the way coming from Brazil, it absolutely was very hard to determine what he was saying to us but the words he put together, and his facial movement when saying them, made it very easy to know the message he wanted to portray to everyone; This kind of shows that regardless of what someone is definitely physically declaring out with their mouth, we could make sense of all things through their body language. I do believe that because people this will depend on a wide range of factors, when thinking about if we control our dialect, or does it control all of us. This is a tough subject because of the fact that we almost all have different languages, cultural philosophy, and people; Also we certainly have so many different issues that impact the way we think, talk, and act everyday, like technology. These are just a few of the many things that make different writers like Carr, Morrison, and Didion believe that dialect in some ways offer an " upperhand" on us, and others consider we have more " control" over language.

To many writers today, the thing that has the greatest effect on us and the control over vocabulary, is the internet. Nicholas Carr wrote an e book " The Shallows", and a majority of the book is founded on how the language is promoting because the majority of reading today is done online. Carr feels that the improvement in technology today, includes a great impact on the way all of us speak, believe, and read more a daily basis. In his book, Carr says the internet and technology provides in a way " remapped" just how our brain is used (Carr 5). Carr explains that even professional authors are falling into this, this individual uses a lot of flashbacks to authors of all time, comparing them to todays authors, and this individual explains that as technology improved, we can see that many copy writers began to create with more " simplicity" (Carr 32). Alternatively, author Harvey Daniels, composed that " language alterations naturally" in the essay " The being unfaithful Essentials to Language". Daniels believes that we should allow language modify as we alter, basically saying that language will never change unless we alter. In his discussion he is more of an author that says all of us just need to " relax", because we control our own language so don't let it become a thing that overpowers us.

Another factor that effects the idea of whether we all as persons control terminology, or this controls us, is the west. We since people have a wide variety of cultural philosophy, and we is able to see the variety everywhere we proceed. Author Malala Yousafzai, had written an article speaking on not only her beliefs, nevertheless the people the girl was between also. In her essay, Malala says that we need to use the words, instead of physical connection, in order to seize control over a situation (Malala). This kind of shows that we all control our language and how we utilize it in any situation, rather than it controlling all of us; but...

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