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 Study only or in group Article


Topic: Several students opt to study exclusively. Others prefer to study with a group of college students. Which you prefer? Use certain reasons and examples to back up your response.

Firstly, I think one of the most valuable benefits of studying with a number of students can be its performance. My friends may possibly have better knowledge than me in most fields. For example, some part of the textbook that seems entirely confusing to my opinion could be very clear to another pupil. Therefore , by exchanging expertise and suggestions with other people in the group I can easily find the best way to reach the goal. In a study group, I can master quicky by just asking a question. It will require less time to accomplish the task. Secondly, Learning with a selection of students may help me to prevent mistakes. Once i study exclusively, sometimes I am unaware of my personal mistakes and continue with them. However, by studying with a selection of students, I can clarify unclear points with other students and someone may point out my mistakes. In this manner I can steer clear of my faults in examination and improve possibility of rating good represents. Finally, I think that through study group, I can develop communication skills which are extremely important in society. In order to accomplish the benefits, all group must exchange ideas inside the forms of group meetings and discussions. When I study with a group of students I cannot do my own work properly without interacting with my friends. These interactions may help me to enhance my communication skill.

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