Strength Conservation

 Energy Preservation Essay

Jo Anne Lewis

Axia College of University or college of Phoenix az

Final Project- Migration and Solution

Deadline: August 23, 2008

Energy conservation is a elimination or reduction of one's we and waste every. Energy is a very important to the society. We all use energy for almost everything transportation, cooking food, heating and cooling, developing, lighting, and entertainment. Energy is the essential force running business, production, and the travel of goods and services to serve the American and world financial systems. Can you imagine what life will be like if we all did energy? Every year america spends more than 500 billion dollars dollars about energy. As you se we use a large amount of energy. Accordibg to Doe " The standard American family members spends more than $1, six hundred a year upon home utility bills. ” Strength is the foundation for every thing in life. We rely on energy to make existence comfortable, successful and exciting. Energy conservation is most crucial because it is where we get almost all of our strength from non-renewable energy sources. non-renewable energy sources emerge from the ground in forms of liquids, gases and solids. These types of sources contain, nuclear, all-natural gases, and coal. They are really considered nonrenewable because they can be replenished in a short period. Actually, usually it takes thousands of years in order for them to reproduce themselves. As of now, commodity future trading or (petroleum) is the simply naturally liquefied profitable fossil fuel. In addition , natural gas and propane are normally gases, and coal is actually a solid. If these non-renewable run out they may become to costly to collect then humans would have to make use of other sources for energy. Scientist believe that coal, petroleum, natural gas, and lp are all fossil fuels because they where created from no living aspect such as left remains of plants and animals that lived countless years ago. One final nonrenewable power source is Uranium. One would think Uranium is a fossil energy, but it is definitely not. Uranium is a...

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