Standard two

 Standard 2 Essay

п»їStandard two: understand your role in the children and young someones workforce

Area of knowledge one particular: your work function

a. Picture you have to describe your work to someone you have just achieved – just how would you describe what your work is all about

I actually work as a residential treatment worker within a care label girls will be aged 12 to of sixteen placed right here by several social assistance departments because of the challenging behavior. My work is to work as part of the personnel team in providing a homely, caring very safe environment intended for the girls. The aim, essentially, is to support these young ladies towards living an independent and fulfilling foreseeable future. We make an effort to develop their life skills and interactions skills, improve their self-confidence and self admiration, encourage them in their education and raise their anticipations. We do this mainly through positive strengthening, using economic rewards and activity benefits for positive behaviour and actions. All of us also concern poor and negative behavior and behaviour and try to cause them to become change these attitudes. We encourage girls to get involved in local activities of organisations such as military cadets and youth golf clubs and several choose horse riding lessons. We continue to keep thorough and extensive information of the women lives, their activities and the achievements etc .

m. Now have a try at describing how the role fits into the work of the whole placing. My function is to lead to providing a comfortable safe, healthy and balanced and growing home and environment. We are a group and try to operate closely collectively following the same policies and procedures. I endeavour to acquire by example and try to be positive role version. I make an effort to be patient together with the girls and respect them as individuals and encourage them to respect themselves. As a men in a primarily female environment I feel that I actually bring a different viewpoint and attitude to some things.

c. List the additional organisations and professionals you will be, or are, working with and in short , explain all their roles.

Sociable services: The girls are all underneath the care of their very own local interpersonal services and perhaps they are ultimately in charge of the girls. We all try to function closely together with the girls sociable workers especially involving any kind of decisions about the girls regarding their engagement and exposure to their families. Education staff: Willows has its own university and we work closely while using education personnel exchanging info as we truly feel necessary to continuity of attention ensure constant and ongoing care. Mental Health Professional: The girls, and personnel too if perhaps needed, use a psychologist. This individual counsels girls as they desire helping these to deal with virtually any mental or emotional difficulties. He as well provides staff with teaching sessions in order that we can better understand a few of the girls problems and behaviour.

Thinking more deeply

There are times inside our lives while we are all enticed to think, " I can try this work on my very own! ” Why is that NOT true? With this job is definitely practically impossible to believe you can do this alone. The girls will need constant supervision and I are not there all the time! Actually on a change with four young people it will not become possible to provide a safe or healthy environment for the ladies or myself. A partner is vital in ensuring that the girls happen to be properly closely watched and looked after. As partners we support each other with caring for the ladies, making sure their demands are fulfilled, also in decision making and advising each other. Good communication between switch partners and also other staff members is of vital to make sure continuity of care. Also drawing on various backgrounds and experiences permits us to learn from each other. We also provide both limited knowledge of girls history and limited decision making potential for the ladies so it is necessary to work carefully with their interpersonal workers and frequently family members.

Part of knowledge a couple of: legislation, procedures and types of procedures

a. Exactly what the important laws and regulations relating to children...

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