solitary reaper

solitary reaper 23.08.2019
 solitary reaper Essay

While getting through a hill pass in the highlands, Wordsworth saw a youthful girl within a field. The lady was doing work all alone. The girl was reducing and capturing the seeds into sheaves. She was singing a tragic song. Her song was echoing in the whole valley and can be observed even past it. The poet did not disturb the lady lest the girl could cease singing. The song in the girl really was very fairly sweet and enchanting. The poet thought that her song was sweeter than the song of the nightingale. Although notes of the nightingale must appear extremely charming for the tired travellers as they rest under a woods in an palmeral after all their journey inside the deserts of Arabia. After that he though that people has to be filled with happiness and excitement to hear the shrill paperwork of the cuckoo bird inside the islands of Hebrides. Nevertheless the song with the nightingale plus the cuckoo was less nice than which the song of this highland lass. The poet person did not know the dialect in which the girl was singing. But he was desperate to know what the lady was vocal about. There were no one about to assist him. So selection all sorts of guesses. He considered the lively past of Scotland. Probably she was singing about the fights fought and lost by her persons in the past or some misfortune which fell on her people before. The poet person tried to browse yet another that means in her song. He thought that it could be about a few natural sorrow, loss or perhaps pain that comes all the time. He even thought that it could be about a lot of known challenges of day by day life. Inspite of all his guesses the poet did not understand what precisely the girl was singing about. But her song had no ending. The poet was therefore deeply affected by her unhappy song that he was standing motionless and still. He paid attention to it for a long time. Then, this individual climbed the hill and went his way. Though he may no longer notice the music, he carried the music in the heart.

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