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Situational Analysis: Flight 232

Michele Bannon

COM 301: Settlement and Conflict Resolution

Dr . Gina Rollings

February 24, 2011

Argosy College or university

Situational Examination: Flight 232

Negotiators procedure each situation guided by their perceptions of past scenarios and current attitudes and behaviors (Lewicki, Barry, and Saunders, 2007). This is exactly what DC-10 flight schooling instructor, Denny Fitch do. His aim went coming from passenger to crucial part of the airline flight crew in just a matter of minutes. His training as being a flight instructor provided the flight crew with one more pilot with life experience in problems situations. This individual has done FAA required courses and conducted persistent flight crew training for DC-10 flight deck hands. Framing is actually a way of labels different individual interpretations of the situation. When Denny noticed the huge increase when the second engine failed he knew there was a thing terribly wrong and traveled to the cockpit to offer any kind of help he could to the crew. With no him the crew will not have been able to land issues the plane since they needed someone with flight encounter to physically steer the routine. He used active being attentive skills having to pay close awareness of the captain and co-pilot's body language to tell him just how serious the emergency was. Body language, which include facial expression, hand signals and level of eye contact, can provide clues about the various other person's thoughts and feelings. He identified the pilot and co-pilot's knuckles white-colored with muscles bursting from other hands because they tried to guide the plane. Denny did an admirable job of effectively analyzing the specific situation and jumped in to help. Although 112 people dropped their lives that day 184 were saved to on their knowledge and expertise to others. Chief Hayes characteristics five factors to the success of landing the airline in Habile City Iowa they are good fortune, communications, preparations, execution and cooperation. Interaction within the cockpit intensified when they noticed that...

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