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 Should We all Hide Our Emotion Composition

Location Statement

Getting simple, but being outstanding. The Apple Hotel is positioned in a level of 5-star motel; we provide basic atmosphere and impression, yet superior service to our buyers. Regarding to the high-class provided accommodation, the Apple Hotel provides consumers an environment which can be just like house.


5. Image Difference

Apple's graphic is considered to be it is personality. Vary from other 5-star hotels, our hotel possesses an exact picture of apple rather than Apple Company engages image difference in strategies indicates the company has attempted to create the impression that it has the selected characteristics – simple, imaginative and outstanding. The apple image is targeted on visual characteristics which emblem symbolizes the specialty, about such as advertisements, websites, stores and even goods themselves. The advertisements and websites focus on the color black and white, the hotel performances and rooms design focus on these shades as well. 5. Service Difference

Products contain two parts which are goods and services. Apple Hotel provides not just a 5-star level service, but also offers customized service. Intended for the room reservation, customers are able to make the booking directly through the reception; the web service exists, too. You will find options for them to make their particular favors of room types, guests have the ability to provide the requirements and demands during the booking which can be properly satisfied by the hotel. Likewise, personal meals provision is available. Not only the normal menu in the hotel restaurant is offered, friends can also ask for the food they may be willing to food. Any electrical relative providers are all furnished by the motel including gadgets charging, reservation the Apple products and etc. Other special occasions can also be held in the hotel, which the lodge accepts consumers' personal needs.

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