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APPENDIX AFunction Spaces Comparability

APPENDIX B Positioning Map of Wedding party Banquets in Hotel Sector (Venue Capability versus Price) APPENDIX C Positioning Map of Wedding ceremony Banquets in Hotel Industry (Location vs . Prestige) APPENDIX D Positioning Map of Wedding Banquets in Motel Industry (Style versus Prestige) APPENDIX Elizabeth Positioning Map of Marriage Banquets in Hotel Sector (Hotel Group Size versus Prestige) APPENDIX FRitz-Carlton Tradition


The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong (RCHK) is one banquet place among many options in Hong Kong. Several market portions are targeted with different area types, locations, prices, and offerings.

RCHK's placing is that of a prestigious hotel venue, located, higher-priced, and with large venue space. RCHK is likewise all more traditional in terms of photo, and is a part of a large foreign hotel group.

The core business is RCHK's delivery of food, although enhancing and facilitating companies are also provided warrant reduced charged in order to food rates. The main such service is the distinctive RCHK hospitality solutions which units it aside from its competition, that are delivered within a complex process during the full wedding banquet experience, with several assisting services operating in the background. In the meantime, the process is performed front level in an outstanding physical environment, which is prevalent among the top accommodations in Hk.

RCHK may consider improvements to reduce the potential for service gaps in its operation, leading to longer work profitability. Afterall, following a servicescape model, earnings is a result of the inputs simply by RCHK inside the service delivery process.


Hong Kong's cityscape includes many of the leading hotel brands, which includes RCHK in West Kowloon. Reaching up 118 floor surfaces and 90 metres excessive, it is marketed as the world's highest hotel (The Ritz-Carlton Motel Company, 2011). Besides their huge physical presence, the hotel likewise brings the " Ritz-Carlton mystique” in how it markets and delivers it is services, so that it is stand out a lot more. RCHK supplies many providers to its customers which includes accommodations, meals and beverage, and others. One important organization segment between this is the wedding organization. The following analyzes the Hong Kong wedding and hotels industry, the various marketplace segments which exist, RCHK's industry positioning, just how RCHK competes, and pinpoints suggestions for improvement at RCHK. WEDDING BANQUET MARKET SECTORS

The wedding fete industry provides several market segments of shoppers seeking several wedding experience. Some buyers elect to acquire Chinese classic weddings, while others elect to get Western variations. Weddings may be formal occasions with traditional Chinese dishes of a number of courses, including delicacies like shark's very b and abalone. Others could possibly be casual cocktail parties.

Even within venue types, consumers can elect high-priced options: intended for hotels state, five-star hotels, or more cost effective options of three-stars. Some hotel brands and physical locations are more esteemed than other folks, and may end up being located more centrally or maybe more remotely. Some consumers might be more price-sensitive while others might be more price-insensitive which charm to the romantic endeavors of marriages and pay less attention to price.

Too, weddings could possibly be large situations or small ones. The feel of marriages may also be grand galas vs . intimately small , and or classic versus trendy and casual.

Hk has a selection of...

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