Self-Awareness Through Dis-Closure, Feedback and Reflection.

 Self-Awareness Through Dis-Closure, Reviews and Reflection. Essay

During this assignment I shall discuss the way i have developed my personal self-awareness through dis-closure, reviews and expression. " Being self-aware means that we can00 identify the strengths and also those areas that can be developed” (R Ashmore & G Banks 2150 p47), self-awareness is constantly being produced through the expression of our existence experiences. Representation of my life experiences features given me personally the opportunity to be a little more aware of my personal strengths and weaknesses through being genuine and the make use of disclosure firstly to myself and then to others. The Gibbs Reflective Circuit 1998 is a useful version for showing on a existence experience to achieve further self-awareness through analysis and research to finally having a task plan discovering what will be done in a different way in the future. " The more expertise we have regarding ourselves, the simpler it becomes to relate to others” (R Ashmore & D Banks 2150 p47), the self-concept (Murphy 1947, Argyle 1969, Burns 1980) means that we can00 learn more of our self through self-image, self-pride and the self-ideal, by reflecting on each of these three parts in view of personally I have identified that I find myself to be confident with a high self-esteem which I find makes me a friendly and approachable person however I have as well realised i have to pay attention more to receive feedback. " When we try to observe and go through the world by another person's point of view, we are planning to be empathic. If we will be successful, we will not just be able to understand the people thoughts yet also truly feel something of what they feel” (G Firth, R Fruit, C Irvine 2010 p148) within my past career path of dealing with people with learning disabilities with an incapability to communicate it has empowered me to build up my sympathy and consideration for others, that is not to be mistaken for sympathy but is more of your connection to somebody else's feelings. By simply developing my own connection to other's feelings who have are unable to speak verbally this...

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