Sadiepowell CCJ3450 12 Person Work Week1

 Sadiepowell CCJ3450 12 Person Work Week1 Essay


Criminal Justice Management CCJ3450

Everest University Week 1

Sadie Powell Individual Job

Explain what " Unity of Command" is and why it is vital in law enforcement. Unity of Command is very another expression for " Chain of Command” as well as its purpose or perhaps design is made for officers, associates, and or employees to are accountable to one official above these people i. at the. report to a ranking officer that is above those over their current rank. This is used in not simply law enforcement but the military too. What it does can it be really easily simplifies management by assigning or appointing numerous officers a superior they would have to report to. As an example the chain of command word goes as follows; the cop and woman report to all their corporals and sergeants whom then might take the info given to them and are accountable to their own outstanding officers which usually would be their very own captain. Then it would continue until it extends to the top exactly where that may be. Generally jumping the chain of command is frowned upon and will also injure someone's profession, meaning a policeman are unable to go straight to the captain devoid of consulting all their sergeant initial. Keeping the Cycle intact allows the movement of information smooth and manageable. Discuss how authority and responsibility enjoy into this kind of.

The purpose of the Chain of Command is that it is created to keep high rank officials out of private matters that can be handled by simply someone around the lower amount chain of command. The officers towards the top of the Chain of Command word would have the greater authority and responsibility plus they delegate the mundane jobs and other slight matters to the lower rank officer, to be able of the higher ranking official to focus on more important concerns. This is applied in the army, police and other law enforcement organizations. It makes logical sense and opens up the elderly officers at the top of the string to attend to more liable tasks and situations....

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