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quality assurance 29.08.2019
 quality assurance Essay

Top quality Improvement in Health Sector

As NPM (New Public Management) approach in Public Sector a lot of things have changed. Public solutions became considerably more consumer focused. Public servants of modern time have far more different strategy towards people than before. One of the main influences on that comes from Exclusive sector. A large number of services provided by public sector today may also be provided in Private sector. Of course all those services of personal sector are more expensive than in general public sector but some services continue to be affordable for some of the people. In that way competition among general public and private sector had an important role in reorganizing public sector and making it much better, effective and effecient. Demand full people of modern time with much greater anticipations also played crucial role in transform of priorities in public sector. Also it is crucial to say that Quality Assurance is relatively new in public sector. When we speak about quality of some merchandise it is easy to say what top quality is and to measure that quality. It is rather different when we speak about quality of a lot of service offered in public sector. In order to proceed deeper and also to analyze top quality in Wellness sector firstly we need to specify what The good quality assurance is. Quality Assurance:

Noun: The maintenance of a preferred level of quality within a service or product. (Source: Internet, no specific dictionary)

There are plenty of definitions about Quality Assurance but the truth is that it is quite difficult to establish it. Definition above details best the actual main aim of the peace of mind is. It will not to be just about maintenance but also about trying to put into practice new ways of approaching to improvement of services. Essentially it would mean to get some services on a wanted level (which in many created countries is usually measured and maintained through standardization) also to...

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