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State the • Matter is made up of small particles called atoms. romantic relationship between • At the center in the atom electron is the nucleus which is and electric made up of protons and current neutrons. • Adjacent the Where nucleus will be particles really does called bad particals. charge • A proton has a great come impose. from? • An electron has an similar negative impose while a neutron is usually uncharged as well as neutral. Device of electric demand • • • • Electric impose is denoted by the image Q. The system of electric fee is the coulomb, C. Fee on one electron = - 1 . 6th x 10-19 C Impose on one proton = 1 ) 6 back button 10-19 C

A body is: (a) simple, if it provides equal amounts of positive and negative charges. (b) charged negative, if it has more bad than confident charges. (atom gains electron) (c) charged positive, whether it has more great than adverse charges. (atom losses electron) • The force acting on two bodies of the same net charges can repel one another. • The force acting on two physiques of different net charges brings in each other. • The force causes motion of electrons or flow of charges. Electric • The rate of flow of electric charge 29


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Current • Current, I = charge, Q sama dengan Time, capital t • The SI device = ampere, A Activity 1 Aim Apparatus


Q capital t

To investigate the relationship between electrical charges and electric current. Vehicle de Graaff generator, connection wires, microammeter

• Start off the motor unit of a Van de Graaff generator for a couple of minutes to make positive fees on the steel dome in the generator. • Bring the finger near the dome with the generator. Observe what happens. • Touch the dome from the generator with the free end of the line that is connected to the microammeter. Observe the microammeter filling device closely. • Switch off the motor in the Van de Graaff electrical generator. Observation 1 . You will think a brief electric powered shock once your finger is brought nearby the dome of the generator. installment payments on your The microammeter needle is definitely deflected when a wire is usually connected to the dome of the generator. 3. You can safely contact the steel dome with the finger. some. The microammeter needle is returned to its absolutely no position if the Van para Graaff is switched off. Process www.physics4spm.com


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Reason 1 . If the motor with the Van para Graaff electrical generator is started up, it hard drives the rubber belt. This cause the rubber seatbelt to rub against the painting tool and hence becomes positively incurred. The fee is then transported by the shifting belt up to the metal dome where it can be collected. A lot of positive impose is built on the dome. 2 . The electric field around the material dome of the generator can easily produced a very good force of attraction between your opposite expenses. Electrons will certainly suddenly increase the speed of from the ring finger to the dome of the generator and causes a spark. several. When the wire touches the dome, the microammeter needle is deflected. This implies that a current is definitely flowing throughout the galvanometer. some. The electric energy is produced by the movement of bad particals from the planet through the galvanometer to the metallic dome to neutralize good charges about its surface. 5. The metal dome can be safely touched with the finger since all the great charges on it have been neutralized. Conclusion A flow of electrical charge (electrons) through a conductor produces the current.

Explain an A power field is a region through which an electric demand electric experiences an electric push (attraction or repulsion). registered. • An electrical field is done from a positively incurred sphere in the spaces surrounding it. • A negative recharged body when placed at any point in this region is pulled towards charged world – appealing force • A absolutely charged body system that is put in the same location is pushed...

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