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Pines are trees in the genus Pinus (pron.:  /ˈpaɪnəs/),[1] in the family Pinaceae. Earning up the monotypic subfamily Pinoideae. There are about 115species of pinus radiata, although diverse authorities accept between 105 and 125 species. Contents �[hide]� * 1 Etymology * 2 Taxonomy, nomenclature and codification * 3 Distribution 5. 4 Morphology 2. 4. 1 Foliage * four. 2 Cones * 5 Ecology 2. 6 Uses 5. 6. 1 Food uses * 7 See also * 8 Notes * 9 References * 10 Bibliography * 11 External links| -------------------------------------------------


The modern English name pine derives from Latin pinus which some include traced to the Indo-European base *pīt- ‘resin' (source of English pituitary.[2] In the past (pre-19th century) these people were often well-known as fir, from Old Norse fyrre, by way of Middle English firre. The Old Norse name is still intended for pines in some modern north European different languages, in Danish,  fyr, in Norwegian fura/fure/furu,  Swedish,  fura/furu, and Föhre in German, but in contemporary English, fir is now constrained to Fir (Abies) and Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga). -------------------------------------------------

[edit]Taxonomy, nomenclature and codification

Primary article:  Pinus classification

Pines are split up into three subgenera, based on cone, seed and leaf character types: * Pinus subg.  Pinus, the yellow or perhaps hard pinus radiata group

5. Pinus subg.  Ducampopinus, the foxtail or pinyon group 5. Pinus subg.  Strobus, the white or very soft pine organizations



A Khasi Pine in Benguet, Philippines

Huangshan Pine (Pinus hwangshanensis),  Anhui,  China

Pines are native to most of the North Hemisphere, and have been introduced during most temperateand subtropical regions of the world, where they are grown as timber and cultivated as ornamental plant life in theme parks and gardens. One species (Sumatran Pine) crosses the equator in Sumatra to 2°S. In North America, they range from...

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