Photograph: American Films and Loud Engine Noise

 Photograph: American Films and Loud Engine Noise Essay


Photos are thoughts. They are the only thing that can bring you to the past. Photographs are like period machines they will bring you back in any moment within your life. No-one can describe a setting and a picture like the saying one picture is worth 1, 1000 words. Many are good and a few are bad but they show all the things that the person continues to be through to get them to what they are today.

Within my picture We am only, to some persons this is a negative thing to me it's not really. I dislike having to count on other people to perform their work. I love if it's just me like We am in space nobody around, no one to say you're doing it wrong, no one to yell. The very best feeling can be when you are driving on a trail and it's just you and your dirt motorcycle. When only you can change the outcome of what will happen next. It might not seem like it is quite peaceful with the loud engine noise but it is.

I are at Mtn. View motocross track is actually about two o'clock over a hot summertime day. The warmth is racing against the dirt. The dust is just about everywhere. It's nearly impossible to see, glasses are covered in dirt, dust is in your eyes, and perspire is operating down the face mixing with the dirt. Seems terrible correct? Well at the same time you are traveling by 30 your taking sides, hitting gets, and trying to the man in front of you. The best part of it all is definitely jumping. The adrenaline hurry you obtain before every single jump as well as the suspicion not so sure how it will now end. Now i am leaving the earth leaning the bike still left. This is a concept called a rinse. It's as you get as close to the earth as possible so that you can start increasing sooner. Mother and father hate when I do it since it is very hazardous. Trying to slim a 240 pound cycle sideways and making sure you bring it backside straight up and down bleary about a second is not easy. That is what makes existence so great.

When I are dirt bicycling I are having the time of my life. Whatever happened prior to when I i am out there nothing else matters. In...

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