A day of sorrow is longer than the usual month

 A day of sorrow can be longer than a month Essay

A time of sadness is for a longer time than a month of happiness

This kind of Chinese saying renders (redă) in a artificial way the simple fact that we see the time within a subjective way, according to the moods created by the reaction to the actions of the doj that we move through. When we move through unpleasant celebration of existence, we experience weak, vulnerable, even hopeless and everything seems to make a mistake in our life; therefore , time seems longer than it actually is. On the other hand, when we live happy moments, almost everything seems to move perfectly, we have enough power to improve each of our life, our family ties, our relationships to people and that we are more satisfied with ourselves. However why do we think that a day of sorrow can be longer compared to a month of joy? You are able to that disappointment is a totally rational response to certain loss so once we lose each of our self- assurance, or our health, our family ties, our friends or perhaps when we do things which are distressing for us, all of us end up by feeling bad and period seems to get cold. But , when we feel satisfied or whenever we do things that people like, we all feel good and time seems to fly. 60 that most of us tend to keep with what we find out rather than select any sort of change. Consequently, we continue to be unhappy. Whenever we decide to alter things, nevertheless , then all of us begin a voyage that only we can map out. We have to allow ourselves to face up the fact that it is possible to actually eliminate doubts and find out to be more contended with our life. This will bring a big change of many factors in our life which includes our prospect, our interactions and each of our choices.

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