parle g case answers

 parle g case answers Essay

Case Parle-G

By doing the SWOT analysis of Parle-G we are able to sort out many factors to help us in devising another strategy for the Parle-G biscuits i. electronic the charges and promoting aspects etc . Strengths

a. Parle-G offered Value For Money (VFM) to consumers, hence humungous sales in 2002. b. It is a market leader in low priced cookies. Internationally not many food items were available for US$1. 00 every kg. c. It has an extensive distribution network, diverse production base. m. Positioned deservingly as a combination of energy and taste. Audience " Moms and Children” in Demonstrate 8 appeared to work well Weaknesses

a. Huge reliance on Parle-G's top selling SKU a 100-g bunch. b. Consumers perception is usually rooted so strongly in Parle-G's reduced price that it undermines other product attributes just like quality and taste. c. Lesser penetration in retail outlets. Out of 15 , 000, 000 retail outlets in india Parle-G was bought from 2 . 5 million. g. VFM is definitely the only worth dimension which the consumers are most often plugged into with Parle-G. Possibilities

a. If Parle-G targets the Aspirer as well as the seekers section consumer category especially there children these kinds of children may become potential customers for future years. b. The rural households (R2+R3+R4) which are somewhat low cash flow groups prefer Parle-G even more. Thus work could be offer reduce costs in the distribution funnel in the non-urban region.


a. There was an increase in the cost of production as a result of increase in the basic raw material. The cost of raw materials will keep upon increasing. Thus price could hardly be managed constant. n. Major competitor BIL was targeting it is Tiger brand of glucose biscuits almost specifically at kids. Which could tremendously affect the Parle-G consumer part in the age bracket of 5-14? (1) My rationale for the pricing decision is that the price should be gradually improved with time in the long run...

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