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Market Analysis: Prominent Economic Features

Definition of Full-Service Restaurant Industry According to the United States Census Bureau, Panera Bread would come under the Full-Service Restaurant Industry (NAICS code 722110, SIC 5812). The definition of this sector in the North American Industry Category System is as follows: " This kind of industry includes establishments mainly engaged in providing food companies to people who buy and are dished up while seated (i. at the., waiter/waitress service) and pay after you eat. These institutions may provide this type of foodstuff services to patrons in combination with selling alcoholic beverages, providing execute services, or perhaps presenting live nontheatrical entertainment. Included in this sector are full-service bagel retailers, diners, doughnut shops, family restaurants, good dining restaurants, pizza shops, and steak houses. ” (United Claims Census Bureau, Full-Service Cafe Industry Definition). The SEMBLABLE code offers an even greater insight into what Panera Bread does. The United States Census Bureau states that the SIC code 5812 deals with " establishments primarily engaged in the retail sale for prepared foodstuff and beverages for on-premise or instant consumption. Caterers and professional food assistance establishments are included in this market. ” (United States Census Bureau, Full-Service Restaurant Sector Definition). It is classified as an consuming meals place.

Marketplace Size, Development Rate, and Industry Your life Cycle In line with the U. S. Census Bureau's Hot Report, in 2002, the full-service restaurant market made up $321, 401, 1000 of the global market (Full-Service Restaurants

a couple of Hot Report). In 2002, Panera Breads made $1. 872 million per franchised bakery-cafГ© out from the $321. four million (Full-Service Restaurants Warm Report). The marketplace grew by an original $251, 942, 500 global industry over only five years (Full-service Eating places Hot Report). There is a rise in sales of approximately 28%. In 2003, Thompson, the author from the Panera circumstance, noted that unit revenue averaged $755, 000 for full-service eating places. While revenue are continuing to develop, it is apparent from Appendix A the fact that number of institutions per mil residents got started to decline in 2002. Yet , this modify is not only a significant decrease, and with the various market niche categories available for distinct restaurants to open in, it would not be surprising if the industry started to grow again. In 2002, the number of personnel per business had somewhat increased although the number of business has lowered. More people are on the go lately while traveling to work and going on vacations. In 2006, the restaurant industry served about 70 billion meals and was growing at around 5% every year (Thompson C-97). Thompson paperwork that Panera specifically will increase growth in terms of additional suburban markets that can expand their number of places 17% yearly through 2010 which will provide Panera earnings per talk about growth of 25% annually. More than likely, the sector is in the early on maturity and slowing growth stage. Most restaurants knowledge a short your life cycle because of a lack of eagerness for the menu or dining experience, inconsistent foodstuff quality, poor service, a negative location, meals prices that patrons deemed too high, or superior competition by competitors with comparable menu offerings (Thompson C-99).

Scope of Competitive Rivalry Competitive rivalry in the cafe industry is incredibly competitive. With about 925, 000 meals service locations in the United States alone in 2006, eating places want to be sure that customers are trying to find out their particular restaurant specifically. Differentiation approaches are used between the different eating places in order to set themselves apart from their opponents. This differentiation can come in...

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