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Issue -1 what techniques elevated Mr. Mukherji's communications effectiveness? Answer:

-- In any firm communication is very important. Communication is advantageous to develop any kind of interpersonal or corporate romantic relationship. In this case leader of Goodwill corporation ltd, Abhishek mukherji is very friendly with everybody and he could be thinking that every has personal skill and ability and so give them opportunity to develop themselves. He desired to develop upwards communication. This individual believes in a door coverage which is technique for developing interpersonal relationship. So he declared that his personal door was open to workers and stimulates senior managers. He desired that every staff has right to say their particular problems and complaints to direct chief executive. With accompanied by a this technique workers who applied open door policy had been with the organization for years and were comfy talking to the president. Together with the help of this method improve interpersonal relationship between president and employees.

Q-2 do you consider that an open-door policy was the right way to improve way up communication? How many other technique do you suggest? Solution: -

Yes, an Open-door policy was the right method to improve up communication mainly because in the upwards communication employees are only followed orders of the top supervision in this workers has no directly to give recommendations and not probability to improve themselves. An open-door policy is extremely useful to lessen all bad points of way up communication. From this policy employees has probability to develop themselves and give suggestions to the managing. In an open-door policy, every employees provides right to declare their challenges and complains to immediate president. An open-door policy is very success to improve social relationship and communication between top administration and personnel. В

Question 3: - What problem h do you think an open-door policy creates? Do you think many workers are relicts' ant to work with...

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