Of Rats and Guys Essay

 Of Rodents and Guys Essay

Of Rodents and Men

Pre-AP English

Character Analysis One of John Steinbeck's most well-known books, Of Mice and Men, is an excellent story regarding two good friends that travel together and work together. George Milton and Lennie Tiny go to a farm, after fleeing Weed, exactly where they end up getting in some difficulties. Among the items that happen, Carlson shoots Candy's older, smelly doggie, " that will put it out of its misery (47)”. Slim gives Lennie a newborn puppy dog from his female puppy, but the doggie ends up declining. Lennie accidently strangles Curly's wife to death, while petting her soft frizzy hair, causing George to have to eliminate Lennie. Carlson may be a small character in Of Mice and Males, but what he does in the story is an important to the way the story ends. Carlson's frame of mind towards Candy's dog foreshadows what happens in the end of the story. Carlson wants Candy's dog to be killed for the reason that dog can easily barely maneuver around and aromas badly. Carlson says " the ol' dog jus' suffers (45)”. Where as Carlson doesn't enjoy the dog this individual still offers to kill it. He says he will blast the dog in the back of the head thus he will not likely see it arriving and so it's not going to feel a specific thing. When George kills Lennie, in the end of the book, George shoots Lennie in the back of the head just like Carlson does to Candy's doggie. Carlson's property are portion of the tragedy in the end. Carlson provides a gun, a luger to be exact, which this individual keeps, within a box, under his cot. The Luger, that is Carlson, and was used to shoot this dog, was also used to kill Lennie. Had George not already been through it when Carlson pulled the Luger out from under his cot to kill Candy's dog, George probably would not have wiped out Lennie. " I noticed it this morning, No, easy methods to took (98)” said Carlson when asked where his gun can be. Everyone thinks that Lennie took this when actually George was your one who took Carlson's gun; Lennie was out...

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