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 My Favorite Spot to Visit Essay

Zhiyu Zhou

Hazel Devenney

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The best Place To Visit: Jiuzhaigou Pit

Jiuzhaigou pit literally means " seven village valley”. The term is from the nine Tibetan villages along its size. Jiuzhaigou located at the southern end with the Minshan mountain range which is northwestern of Sichuan region. The area is known due to the many multi-level waterfalls, colorful lakes, and snow-capped highs. Its elevation ranges by 6, 600 to 16, 800 foot. I visited with my local freinds at the early spring of 2009. First we took a airline flight to the polish capitol city air-port at Sichuan. Then we-took a coach drive all of us to the Jiuzhaigou valley. It really is a really extended drive requires like four to five hours; and most part of the generating is at the advantage of the mountain. Because of the elevation keep elevating, most of each of our group have the altitude effect such as pain, anoxia and nosebleed. Yet , after we all arrive the valley, all the reaction just go away as the air is very fresh plus the beautiful scenery. We have an escape at the motel for one nighttime; then we start each of our travel over the Jiuzhaigou valley. There are seven of the seven Tibetan neighborhoods are still inhabited today; and three of the seven happen to be open to vacationers. The three neighborhoods are Rize Valley, Zechawa Valley, and Shuzheng Pit. Rize Valley is 14 miles lengthy and contains the greatest variety of sites. Going down from its highest level, one goes the following sites: the Primeval Forest, Swan Lake, Turf Lake, Arrow Bamboo Pond, Panda Pond, Five Bloom Lake, and Mirror Lake. The forest is a preserved ancient wood land. It is fronted by amazing views in the surrounding mountain range and coves, including the 500 m excessive blade-shaped Blade Rock. Swan Lake is known as a 2250 meters long, a hundred and twenty-five m vast picturesque lake named because of its visiting swans and geese. Grass Lake is a short lake covered in elaborate vegetation habits. Arrow Bamboo bedding Lake is a shallow lake with a depth of 6th m. This lies at an elevation of two, 618 m, and was a main...