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п»їOnce the word funny comes to mind, the very first thing to think of is usually laughter. Inside the play, there are numerous situations which make the audience laugh through parody, irony, misidentification and slapstick. Regarding the scГЁne of Launcelot Gobbo Shylock's servant whom decides to mock his father's loss of sight, we find the right amount of comedy. Launcelot plays the role of the clown; he raises laughter from his frequent misuse of words and phrases and high movements which can be considered slapstick. In addition , all of us laugh for Gobbo who have misidentifies his own child. В

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Parody and irony exist strongly in several situations. One of them is theВ ring sceneВ when Portia and Nerissa act as if they are shocked using their husband's abandonment of the bands and they usually believe that they were given to the lawyer and his clerk. Paradox exists the moment Portia says that her husband is usually not like Gratiano who provided away his wife's ring. In fact , your woman was kidding as the girl was the attorney who took the engagement ring. Audiences laugh at this field knowing that the truth that Bassanio gave away his ring too. Knowing the fact, Portia tried to play the fool on her behalf husband that is certainly when irony arouses laughter. В

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An element that standardizes the caliber of a humor is illogicality or fancy. As seen through the perform, it is clear that there are many illogical events taking place. First of all, the equivocal relationship between Antonio and Bassanio that leads to further complication. Secondly, the undiscoverable conceal of Portia and Nerissa in the court scene. Last, but not least, the funny happy closing when three happy married couples and a merchant who have his wealth back are normally found. All these incidents happen just in expensive and that is why theВ dues ex machineВ technique is used to end the perform happily when an unexpected person, Portia, will come in the time of no hope and gets Antonio out of your hot water. Overall, it is fancy and illogicality that make the audience able to chuckle. В

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