Meals Vocabulary

Meals Vocabulary 08.08.2019
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Foodstuff vocabulary thinking games Worksheet 1- Thinking by category With your partner, write numerous different English words or expressions since you can in the groups below. If you have something you don't know the word for although can describe by drawing, miming or perhaps describing the function, ask your instructor for help. Kitchen tools Ways of making meals Other things you are doing to foodstuff

Using your bilingual dictionaries, try to add by least three words or expressions with each column. Authored by Alex Advantages of UsingEnglish. com В© 2009

Food vocabulary brainstorming game titles Worksheet 2- Categorizing food vocabulary Set these terms into the three categories for the previous web page: bake can opener testing cup testing spoon mixing bowl poach rolling pin bread blade spatula egg timer colander food processor frying pan mash pickle press tongs microwave (oven) cling film corkscrew potato peeler oven freezer chop dice press grind wooden spoon chopping board grate spread portion spoon clean smoke pepper grinder steam aluminium foil fry bottle opener barbeque grill cooker/ range fridge stir fry home roll fish slice roast slice home knife mixture spoon separate steam dishwasher sieve preparing food chopsticks beat peel kitchen scales parmesan cheese grater saucepan apron bread toasted stew oven glove smash wrap roll coffee mill stir

Use your monolingual dictionaries to check your answers. Check your answers on the subsequent page.

Authored by Alex Advantages of UsingEnglish. com В© 2009

Food terminology brainstorming video games Worksheet 3- Answer essential Kitchen tools cooking chopsticks dishwasher calculating cup cooker/ stove potato peeler bottle opener spatula, rolling pin number egg timer can operator bread blade sieve, mixing bowl fridge, kitchen move fish slice spoon cling film kitchen knife calculating spoon range, microwave family fridge aluminium foil corkscrew wood spoon cutting up board whisk colander foodstuff processor baking pan kitchen scales dairy products grater saucepan, apron serving spoon oven glove, tongs pepper...

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