Mattel Respond to Ethican Challenges

 Mattel Interact to Ethican Issues Research Newspaper

Mattel, Inc. is a


leader in

designing and


toys and games and

relatives products. Very well



for brands such as Barbie, Fisher


Price, Disney, Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Tyco, Cabbage Plot Kids, and

board online games, the company features nearly $

5. 9

billion in annual earnings. Headquartered in El

2do, California, with offices

around the globe

, Mattel market segments its products in over



Everything started in a California storage area workshop when ever Ruth and Ell iot Handler and Matt Matson

founded Mattel in

1945. The company started off making photo frames, nevertheless the founders shortly recognized the profitability of the toy industry and switched all their emphasis to toys. Mattel became a publicly held company in 1960, t

ith product sales exceeding $22.99 million by simply 1965. In the next forty years, Mattel proceeded to become the world's largest toy business in terms of revenue. In spite of their overall achievement, Mattel has had its reveal of failures over it is history. Throughout the mid to la

te 1990s, Mattel lost hundreds of thousands to declining sales and bad business acquisitions. In January 97, Jill Barad took over as Mattel's CEO. Barad's management


style was characterized because strict and her

tenure at the helm proved tough for many personnel. W

hile Barad had been successful in

building the Barbie company to $2 billion by the end of the twenty th

100 years, growth stunted in the early



. Declining

product sales at stores such as Toys




All of us marked the beginning of some issues for the

retailer, responsibiliti

es which is why Barad accepted and retired in 2k.

Robert Eckert replaced Barad as CEO. Aiming to switch things about, Eckert sold unprofitable units and cut hundreds of careers. In 2000, under Eckert, Mattel was granted the highly wanted -


licensing agreem

ent intended for products relevant to the

Harry Potter

number of books and movies



company continued to flourish and make its status, even earning the Corporate Responsibility Award from UNICEF...

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