Macbeth is a courtroom being trialed for being a murderer, usurper and tyrant. Write a final speech inside the voice of the prosecutor.

 Macbeth is at a courtroom being trialed for being a murderer, usurper and tyrant. Write a last speech inside the voice of the prosecutor....

Females, gentlemen and members of the jury: today we have viewed the atrocious actions of a man who also stands trial as a murderer, usurper and tyrant. Powered by his lust to get power, this man, Macbeth, has not only broken the sixth commandment " thou shall not murder" he in addition has committed the greatest form of criminal offense: Regicide.

Macbeth has not simply dismissed each of our society's best of law and order, he provides intervened with God's selection of King Duncan (may his soul snooze in peace) as the rightful Ruler of Ireland. Today we certainly have a man prior to us that has clearly beat the regulations of our culture and the laws of the Master.

Do we care to leave his crimes unpunished?

Do we care to give peacefulness to the guy who has acted against Goodness?

Honorable associates of the jury, today you have to decide whether this guy, Macbeth, is usually guilty of these kinds of monstrous criminal activity. Macbeth's deceitful and blood-thirsty manner is definitely indubitably displayed by his lack of embarrassment and responsibility for the horrible offences he provides committed. He falters and stutters inside the witness package as he claims that " the witches" had deceived him into murder and tyranny. Why these " witches" were responsible.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, where are these witches now? Is there any evidence of the existence of these types of " witches"? The only various other witness to the appearance of the witches was conveniently believed to have been Banquo. Perhaps we can make Banquo to testify for the witness box, if it was not for the fact that Macbeth had murdered him ahead of this case.

The key reason why the sense of guilt of Macbeth is so dominant throughout this trial is a result of the substantial lack of proof of the security of Macbeth's case. He has no witnesses, no validated explanation of his offences and no physical proof of his innocence. And so then in which is the protection basing their particular arguments via? Because My spouse and i certainly do not know.

Exhibit A, the daggers which were proven to be the murder weapon of King Duncan was present in Macbeth's room. This item of evidence is essential in...

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