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Pass the information to the more youthful generation

Knowledge of the grandparents can be something one of a kind and feature that must be preserve. A number of the reasons that knowledge must be documented should be pass the information to the next era. All the recorded knowledge can be easily complete to the next technology especially for the younger era. In a way the younger generations can learn and know the elderly lifestyle. Steer clear of repeating similar mistakes

Second is to avoid repeating a similar mistakes which means the old generations who also lived before have more knowledge, independent and learnt even more lessons throughout their life time. Besides, having this sort of experience they can be more aware of the situation around them when dealing with problems. Preserve the tradition and heritage of the elderly

The reason is to introduce youthful generation regarding the lifestyle of a community and through this paperwork the culture can heritages can be preserved and taken care of. Besides, the politeness and humbleness from the older generation can be preserve and pass to the younger generation. To master the family tree

The younger decades are able to learn their ancestors and forefathers and the family history due to the paperwork. Besides that, there are edge to learn the medical history with their family and may learn about all their relative. To stop gaps between your younger technology and elderly Letting youngsters learn about the older generation would allow to excercise the connection between them. In this way, the younger generation can easily learn about the way of life and put into practice it too in their lifestyle.

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Old recipes


The old family members recipes happen to be among the knowledge that should be conserved so that it can be transferred to the modern generation. The old recipes are essential to family members because usually every friends and family has their very own secret menu that makes their dishes preference differently. Simply by recording the video, new era can easily start learning on how to prepare food those dishes. 2 .


Blog as well as Online

The older generations' medical practitioners usually used herbs in their treatment. By submitting the knowledge on-line especially a blog, the knowledge can be distributed to others around the world. The purpose of showing this part of information in public places is that it may encourage the medical researchers to do a research that probably qualified prospects them to discover new drugs. 3.


Technical mentoring

Taboos happen to be actions used or words spoken which can be prohibited to get religious, social or social reason. Usually every tradition has its own taboo. This expertise should be stored because it represents the tradition itself. Technological mentoring is the foremost way to document the knowledge. This technique entails an older era who instructs as well as manuals a young generation on how to practice the taboos. 5.

Way of survival

Audio and images

Survival is one of the most needed living abilities that one should have in order to make it through and to live our experience the maximum. The skills may well include the technique applied to build an income, to solve relatives issues, for making friends with others and much more. 5.

Craft/ traditional game titles

Digital catalogue

The traditional video games and build should be maintained because it helps the younger generation to find out better relating to their forefathers. The digital library is appropricate for storing this kind of piece of info because the details can be organized and viewed systematically. Perhaps the younger technology could look at and learn about craft and traditional game titles easily.

Question 3

a)According to Chris Bednar (1999), this article is about interviewing and writing as successful approach of capturing and spreading the information. First strategy is meeting with skills. In this approach focus on body language and inflection as well as word. The benefit of interview is usually clouding...

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