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 Job Description Management Trainee Hr Dissertation

Work DescriptionManagement Trainee – Company HR

* Works together with representatives of different departments to discuss issues within their departments. * Helps different departments in recruitment method through cooperation with the consulting agencies and advertisers. 2. Has to recognize & choose prospective applicants, interview all of them & offer job provides on behalf of the management. 5. Responsible for doing induction program for the new employees. 5. Has to care for collection of marketplace salary information for gross annual review. 2. Must revise monthly salaries, leave record, etc . from the employees. * Accurately acquire facts & statistics to make financial computations for organizing and other uses. * Conducts updates and manages HR database.


2. Organizational Understanding: The ability to appreciate and learn the power relationships in one's personal organization or in other organizations (clients, partners, etc . ). This includes the ability to identify who have the real decision-makers are; the individuals who may influence these people; and to foresee how fresh events or situations will certainly affect people and organizations within the corporation.

* Adaptability: The ability to adjust to and function effectively in a variety of situations, and with various individuals or groups.

* Conversation (Clustered dental communication, drafted communication & listening skills): Clearly conveying information and ideas by using a variety of mass media to individuals or perhaps groups in a fashion that engages the audience and helps all of them understand and retain the communication.

* Command: An sociable influence described towards the accomplishment of a objective or desired goals. *

* Client Orientation: Illustrates concern to get meeting internal and external customers' requires in a manner that provides satisfaction for the customer.

* Settlement: Explores positions and alternatives to reach outcomes that gain...

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