Investigate the results resulting from global factors in Libyan businesses.

Investigate the 07.08.2019
 Investigate the effects resulting from global factors about Libyan businesses. Essay


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Question 1 (This question provides evidence intended for grading criterion 4. 1)

Discuss the implications of international control to the Libyan economy and its impact on businesses small and large.

international trade

Is the exchange of products among countries across the world, not only on the local range international control Influenced for competitive rates in the global market international trade Motivated on the globe economy Little countries are not able to compete in international trade to the lack of money for this the looks for states Export of unprocessed trash like essential oil, metals and precious pebbles For the financial resources to get the major states The countries also affected in foreign trade Since countries want to be the best in the world inside the export of goods So they are put competitive prices And so prices are affordable intended for the consumer.

the implications of intercontinental trade in Libya

Libya affected by international operate because in Libya there is absolutely no export of many products and Libya exchanges the majority of their products with neighboring countries such as...

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