Industrialization In The Usa Statess

 Industrialization In The United Statess Essay

The Growth of Industrialization in the Late 1800's

In the late 1800's the United States went through a major transformation as a country, in turning out to be the world's leaders in industrialization. Through the early 1800's the industrial growth was stable but gradual and most American companies were still relatively little. It wasn't until following the Civil Warfare that the United States experienced an enormous growth in big business due to new technologies and services most significantly the Transcontinental Railroad plus the first electrical power grids. These innovations provided way to other new inventions, organization entrepreneurs, and business strategies. The Transcontinental Railroad was the missing piece to the dilemna that upon completion triggered a chain reaction that led to the growth of the United States economy during that time. Before the Civil War the train system stretched between northeastern and southeastern United States. In the early 1863 an driven project was started named the Intercontinental Railroad that was to duration from the east United States to the pacific, but regrettably the differences between north as well as the south caused the progress of the job to slower. Things improved though after the Civil Battle, with the region working in union the intercontinental railroad entered heavy expansion. This triggered the economy creating new task positions in many different fields. The operation required blacksmiths, carpenters, masons, and cooks to name a few task roles apart from the track tiers. A work pressure was formed of around 10, 500 people, however the majority were Chinese migrants mostly because they were paid much less than other people, because of their immigration position. The work conditions were poor and dangerous and approximately 2, 1000 people were believed to die along the way. The railroad system had taken almost ten years to finish but was finally required for 1869, the completion was celebrated with a golden surge set in while...

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