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 How Technology Has Changed the earth Essay

When I was a young woman you had to be at home to get a call, have a couple of encyclopaedias to perform your research, post characters and wait days for the reply, consider your online video camera or camera away with you to capture particular moments and also have your Walkman and cassettes with you to become music. It can almost astounding to think that now in 2012 we now have a device in our pockets that will enable us to create and acquire calls, texts and email messages, take video tutorials and pictures and do many other items. With the changes in modern technology through the years we now really do seem to have world in our ring finger tips, the net can give us almost any data we want in seconds, we can buy almost anything over the net, we can get free music and movies, find jobs, places to live and we will keep in contact with friends and family or even meet new people. A recent EU study demonstrates that there are a growing number of Irish adults who have use simply a mobile phone. The numbers who use just mobile handsets is 35% up 7% since research at the end of 2009. The amount of Irish homeowners with a laptop has dived 5% within over a season to 69%, while 66% have internet access up 4% since a study at the end of 2009. The survey confirmed that 58% of Irish households get access to broadband a rise of 4% over the same previous review. So this lets us know that more and more people are getting into the world of technology. It makes me wonder though, what effects does all this have on contemporary society? Is all the brand new technology an excellent or does it have its awful points? Was life less difficult when an Apple and a Blackberry were just fruits? Seeing as the number of people applying mobile phones plus the internet is growing it is clear that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for individuals, but the the fact is most of us avoid really understand enough about where the info we are mailing and submitting goes and what results using them is wearing our health.

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