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1 . 1 Background Information

Jomo Kenyatta School of Farming and Technology (JKUAT) can be found in Juja, along the Nairobi-Thika Super Highway. It was started in 81 as a Middle section Level University by the Government of Kenya with the nice assistance from japan Government. It had been established as a University throughout the Education Action, 1994 and inaugurated about 7th 12 , 1994. JKUAT started signing up students that same year and its human population has risen to over 50000 throughout the years. The institution consists of various departments in which students set much of their very own effort in school work so as to improve their livelihood in the future. The university even offers a house of resident where students are living but its restricted to only the JAB students when other pupils locate residences outside the organization.

1 . two Problem declaration

The university offers casing facilities inside its reasons but they are insufficient to fit the growing number of students making some to find accommodation exterior its grounds. JKUAT at the moment lacks a system to aid this kind of students. The responsibility of attaining hostels exterior its reasons is as a result solely placed on the students. This burden comes with certain issues such as walking, knocking doorways or making phone calls to find these hostels and in most all cases it involves a larger geographical insurance coverage. This traditional approach isn't only tiresome and time consuming although also poses a probability of several students reserving the same unit as gentleman is to mistake and it is a manual system. This gives climb to concurrency anomalies. Concurrency is the capability of a system to allow multiple users influence multiple orders. The main task of concurrency control is to protect orders issued by simply different users from the associated with each other. In this case it is to steer clear of booking of the identical unit by more than one pupil.

1 . a few Proposed Remedy

To address the challenge stated above I propose an internet based property project specifically formulated to host hostels readily available around the university's environs. The proposed program will offer a sort of virtual travel to nearly all people enabling these to easily get and identify hostels meeting their preferred needs without physically active the physical area which could prove to be quite tedious. The consumer will get the system and input their particular specifications (a bedsitter, the 1 or 2 bedroomed apartment, singles or doubles, around gate A, B or C, the rent range) and the system will automatically select the hostel suiting the qualifications and in addition indicate the quantity of units designed for renting. Once payment and booking has become made following selection, the device will constantly update itself to reduce situations of concurrency problems. The primary goal on this system is in order to avoid database revisions performed simply by one customer from interfering with data source retrievals and updates performed by an additional. This proposed solution can benefit trainees in that it will eventually; Reduce confusion of new visitors who also do not know the spot. Booking of hostels even when not bodily present in Juja. Easy info retrieval regarding hostels.

Better communication between possible renters and caretakers. Protect multiple students by booking precisely the same unit.

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