Road Safety

Highway Safety 07.08.2019
 Road Protection Essay

Road Safety

Every year, more than a 100 traffic incidents caused by drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Every time, most of the people included always fault others, not really thinking their own responsibility. Actually some basic actions like avoiding chat with the driver, certainly not drinking before driving and watching to the targeted traffic light can reduce most chances of being hurt in traffic injuries.

First and foremost, the reason why numerous visitors accidents due to bus happen to be passengers talk to the coach driver. Thanks to the distraction, the driver cannot pay enough focus on driving a car the coach. Being distracted, the driver forgets when to prevent the bus and which usually way for the terminus. To tackle this challenge, passengers are only required to prevent chatting with the driver. The driver pays full attention while no one talks to him/her.

Apart from distracting the driver, there is certainly another major element that leads to many traffic accidents. Alcohol consumption is always a killer. Individuals reckon that they can not be affected by alcohol during driving. But they always believe inaccurately and cause severe traffic incidents. In order to prevent this problem, drivers happen to be preferred to consider public transport such as train or cab rather than driving their own automobiles in an attempt to decrease extreme traffic cases.

Last but not least, not only drivers and people have their own responsibly in order to avoid accidents. Many cases like pedestrians are becoming hurt the moment crossing the street under the introducing red lumination. Pedestrians must following the traffic light to be able to cross the street safely.

To sum up mentioned symbole, no matter motorists, passengers or pedestrians, they may have their own responsibility to keep one another safe. In the event everyone only has to walk one step, traffic injuries can be reduced. It is wished that everybody may bear the slogan ‘Zero accident upon roads, everyone loves HK', arriving at their own vacation spot safely.

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