Fyodor Dostoyevsky Ap conventional paper

 Fyodor Dostoyevsky Ap paper

Section a couple of Question 1

" All of that glisters is definitely not gold”(William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice) can be described as theme described in the excerpt From the Residence of the Deceased by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. The speaker specifics a purportedly fervent and " warmhearted” " creature” who is certainly not what this individual seems to be; he can in actuality a criminal regretful for his wrong stroke. Using diction, imagery, and tone, Dostoyevsky is able to generate the root truth that people are not constantly what they joints to be and this looks can be misleading.

Dostoyevsky characterizes the old person as " kindly”, " warmhearted” and a " creature”. Simply by calling this man a " creature”, this implies that he is something that is genuine and modeste. This is later proven to be bogus and sarcastic for it is usually reveled the man is the adverse of the appearance. He had desecrated a church, " burnt it down, ” juxtaposing the first thought that the old man great and good-hearted. By doing this Dostoyevsky is able to provide the readers an expression that the old fart is not really what this individual pretends to be. Giving an added shock when the reader understands the old male's true feelings of repent and sorrow. Dostoyevsky ongoing to give proof of false physical appearance of purity through his use of images.

Comparing the old mans eye to that of " wrinkles like rays” alludes into a biblical picture of light emitting off of somebody's head, practically Saint like, this is satirical for a heureux, for a st . could under no circumstances burn down a cathedral. Through this kind of depiction in the man we get a sense which the old man was something different. By juxtaposing the images of good and innocent, to a sacrilegist guy who damaged the church. Thanks to this contrast we are able to get a sharper picture as to what the story really is about, a well used man who have did something wrong who looks innocent, that individuals think can be wicked and sacrilegist, about what he is indeed a man regretful of his decision.

" Cheerful.. Candid laugh…he is a good gentleman, ” Dostoyevsky uses these kinds of words to be able to convey...

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