Change Chip Market and Technology Trends

 Flip Computer chip Market and Technology Developments Essay

Over the next five years, an amazing 3x wafer growth is expected pertaining to the Flip-Chip platform, which will reach 40M+ of 12''eq wspy by 2018!

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Despite its substantial 19% CAGR, Flip-chip is usually not fresh — in fact , it was initially introduced simply by IBM three decades ago! As such, it would be simple to consider it an old, uninteresting, older technology…but this can be far from accurate! Instead, Flip-Chip is checking up on the times and developing fresh bumping approaches to serve advanced technologies, just like 3DIC and 2 . 5D. Indeed, no matter what packaging technology you're employing, a bumping step is usually required by the end!

In 2012, bumping technologies accounted for 81% in the total installed capacity inside the middle-end place. That's big. Really big. So big that it signifies 14M+ 12''eq wafers (2012 installed capacity: see determine below) — and ok loading prices are large as well, specifically the Cu pillar platform (88%). Flip-Chip is also big on worth: in 2012 it had been a $20B market (making it the greatest market inside the middle-end area), and we proceed with the expectation that it will continue developing at an 9% clip, ultimately reaching $35B by 2018!

Flip-Chip potential is supposed to grow above the next five years to meet large require from 3 main areas: 1) CMOS 28nm IC, including new applications just like APE and BB; 2) The next generation of DDR Storage;

3) 3DIC/2. 5D Interposer using Вµbumping. Driven by simply these applications, Cu entender is coming to becoming the connect of choice to get Flip-Chip.

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Key features

- Completely updated 2010 – 2018 market outlook and bottom-up approach, which includes micro-bumping for 3DIC! - 2012 mounted capacity

- Comparison between C2 and TCB

- Strong focus on micro-bumping pertaining to 3DIC & 2 . 5D

- Industry share/data for Flip-Chip bonder

- Thorough technology plan

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