Case Study Evaluation Case #14 Louis Vuitton in Japan

 Case Study Examination Case 14 Louis Vuitton in Japan Article

1 . What has made Paillette Vuitton's business model successful in the Japanese extravagance market? The corporation has been successful by using a business model that includes variation to the changing economy. They have had to create lower priced items to sell during rough monetary times. They are constantly bettering quality of the product to please the client. 2 . Precisely what are the chances and issues for Lv in Japan?

There are times when spending is low due to the overall economy, but Japan's market shows peak times of spending as well.

The challenges CARTIER market in Japan may be the number of competitors like Trainer and Gucci. Other companies such as [email protected] present low prices for further money mindful consumers.

3. Exactly what the facts of the Western fashion luxury market? In the Japanese traditions there is a have to show your status. This is created by purchasing pricey luxury what to wear. In Japan it truly is socially acceptable to be a shopaholic because this is known as a part of all their culture.

5. How did Louis Vuitton enter the Japanese market originally? What were the other access strategies this adopted later on to strengthen its presence?

LV originally came into the Japanese industry as a shop-in-shop. This allowed them to carry out business without a Japanese distributer. The merchandise was shipped coming from France to Japan into a store that LV acquired full control over. Later different entry tactics were employed. One was using a popular Japanese fashion designer to head a series in 08.

5. Can Louis Vuitton have any new challenges occur due to the global financial trouble? How does this overcome the newest challenges?

As a result of global financial crisis, CELINE could visit a decrease in clients. They will need to lower their very own prices to be able to remain competitive.

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