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 Ethics and Licensed Specialist Counselor Essay

PCN-505 Scenario Analysis Task

Directions: Read the scenarios under. For each circumstance, provide a 75-150 word respond to each query. Use the ACA and NAADAC Codes of Ethics and also other scholarly resources to support the responses. You need to provide in least 1 citation to aid your response for each situation. Though APA format can be not required to your answers, citations and referrals should be offered in accordance with APA guidelines.

1 . Barbara is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) working for a nonprofit cultural service agency. Many of the clients in the agency are girl domestic violence victims. The director with the agency features asked Barbara to develop a counseling group to provide the requirements of these people. a. What ethical concerns should Barbara consider because she strategies this group? Probably the most familiar of moral issues, is a expectation that communications and information coming from participants for the duration of this community program (including conversations, drafted or recorded records, notes, test outcomes, etc . ) will be kept confidential. Because ethical concerns are not always cut and dried, community programs ought to work out their particular ethical suggestions and procedures before concerns actually happen. If Barbara and the company can agree on standards pertaining to primary moral issues -- confidentiality, consent, disclosure, proficiency, conflict of interest, largely unethical tendencies, and the general ethical position and activities of the plan -- and create plans which will help them uphold these standards, they are really on their approach to community respect and outstanding services delivery ( National Association of Social Workers 1999). b. What methods should certainly Barbara use for ensure confidentiality in the framework of group counseling? The moment treating clients in a group setting, this program can not make sure confidentiality will never be violated simply by group associates. In order to addresses this issue, applications should require that all group members sign a...

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