Crucial Thinking Questions 1

 Essay regarding Critical Thinking Quiz 1

Jose Jimenez

HUP 102

Doctor Gerald

September 21st 2015


1 ) Critical – To find and give us a call at attention to errors and defects 2 . Pondering – The using your brain to consider something cautiously 3. Socrates and his significant quote – " The unexamined head is certainly not worth living”, meaning that many unexamined lives result in a great uncritical community, in other words, this implies to be conscious and skilled of all actions and thoughts of life worth living, while a life completed unskillfully and unmindfully is not a life worth living 4. Examine – To observe, test, or investigate, basically, to observe thoroughly or critically 5. Understanding – Being able to see or understand anything clearly, generally sensed using intuition 6. Concrete – Relating to a real, specific issue or illustration

Identify the short-term target and using the handout coming from class please explain a short-term goal and the steps to achieving it.

several. Identify the goals Get ranking them Select the MOST Important aim

almost 8.

9. According to the Catawba Valley Community College, the mind learns by simply constructing expertise through continuous stages:

Level 1: Motivation/watch, have to, demonstrate interest

Level 2: Begin to practice/practice, learning from your errors, ask questions Stage 3: Advanced Practice/ practice lessons, read confidence Stage 4: Skillfulness/ some success, enjoyment, showing

Stage five: Refinement/improvement, all-natural pleasure, imaginative Stage 6: Mastery/teach, recognition, higher challenges

The cells that are in our human brain are called neurons. There are more than 100 billion dollars neurons in our brains. Dendrites (fibers) increase out of the neurons when we use our awareness, what you pay attention to, write about, discuss and when you practice some thing. The more you learn, the more your dendrites expand. New dendrite takes time to grow and it takes a whole lot of practice for them to expand. As we continue learning, specific dendrites develop so that specific neurons...

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