Steve Donne "The Flea" and Persuasion

 Essay in John Donne «The Flea» and Persuasion

Tactics of Persuasion in John Donne's " The Flea”

Steve Donne's composition, " The Flea, ” builds the argument of the young man when he tries to convince a woman to venture to bed with him. He utilizes a number of tactics as he tries to swing the woman, playing on equally traditional Renaissance ideas and religious morals, and turning these ideas to fit the case and his argument that the girl in the composition should have sexual with him. His main strategy should be to appeal to the women's logos and this individual manipulates the straightforward event penalized bitten with a flea in an argument for the sexual romantic relationship between himself and a woman. However despite his clear work and cleverness, he is finally denied as the woman kills the flea.

The narrator beings the poem which has a playful strengthen; he humorously presents the absurd but logical concept that the two of them might as well have got intercourse even though they were both equally bitten with a flea. States, " It sucked myself first, and today it pulls thee, as well as And in this flea our two terme conseille mingled be” (3-4). The argument really does hold some ground based upon 17th hundred years beliefs as well as the thinking that sexual involved the blending of blood vessels, which was happening within the flea. Additionally the language and way that the narrator uses can take on a incredible tone, as he tries to convince the young woman to rest with him using deceitful tactics, just like devaluing her virginity in saying " how little that which thou deniest myself is” (2). His argument does not hold up despite his efforts, however he still can be seen like a bad boy as he uses virtually any logical disagreement to try and convince the woman.

This approach certainly gives irony, due to the fact that this is a strange way for a male to take to try and convince women to go to pickup bed with him. Rather than looking to woo her or declare his want to her, this kind of man tries to appeal to her logic in an argument he continues to develop in the next stanzas. And also the flea is actually a subject that was seen as an humorous animal, mainly for it's audacity, which...

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