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Table of Contents

Table of Contents2


Reasons for Deciding on Maya Angelou3

Early Life4

Educational Life5

Angelou's Affect in her Early Career5

Angelou's Influence in Africa6

Angelou's Profession Peak7

Afterwards Career7

Features That Make Angelou A Great Leader8

Analysis of Angelou's Leadership Style9

Using Angelou's Management Style to Hospitality Industry9 Leadership Lesson on Angelou Essential for Hospitality Industry10 The cost of versatility10

The importance of Spirituality10

More self examination value11




Leadership is essential for the success of the group, society, or business. Through command, a particular population group is aimed, mobilized, determined, and urged to perform a given task. Management is among the roles of a manager. The director in this case is a person recharged with provided responsibilities to get the success of the venture. In a individual level, one is designed to manage his or her own lifestyle in an powerful way to accomplish a lifetime target. Given that management is among the functions of a manager, it means that everyone will need to cultivate command qualities in all aspects of lifestyle. This can be carried out through many ways. One is by learning from reputable leaders of both past as well as the present generation. The world has witnessed myriads of trustworthy leaders with profound effect on the community. Their utterances, Way of life, and formulas of handling situations is valuable emulating. Consequently, one should always assess the same and imitate their design of leadership. One area where command is essential is in the hospitality market. Hospitality generally involves helpful people at a given place. Accommodation in such a case involves rendering, comforting, helping, and educating people around the type of food, entertainment, and recreation services available for all of them. This conventional paper investigates a reputable leader. The best choice in account is Cyber Angelou. The consideration entails an research of her biography and application of her leadership style to the food industry. The analysis takes in data via various literatures available for similar. Reasons for Deciding on Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou can be described as renowned writer and a great activist of her period. She has recently been involved in a number of occupations and professions. Her writings and public sharing of her life received her the reputation of being the 1st Black girl to expose her life to the public in the usa of America. She has drafted several, traite on herself on top of writng several poetic fictions. This lady has travelled to different places on the planet to propagate her impact, which has been effective in most cases. Her values, qualities, and management style suffices the suitable traits for leaders in the hospitality market. As a result, she's the best example to be emulated. Early Life

Angelou was created on 4th April, 1928 in St Louis, Missouri. Her real name can be Marguerite Johnson. The identity ‘Maya' was accorded to her by her brother Bailey. It was consumed in the circumstance to mean ‘my' or perhaps ‘maya sister'. Angelou was your second born to Cromwell Johnson, her father, and Vivian Johnson. Angelou's daddy was dietician to the Navy and also performed as a door man. Her mother worked as a card dealer sometime later it was as a registered nurse. When Angelou was three years, her parents separated, and send her to Rubber stamps in Arkansas, to stay with her paternal grandmother. The lady stayed with her grandmother to get four years before becoming taken back in St Paillette to stay with her mother. It was during her second period for St Paillette that her life changed completely. At the age of eight, Angelou was raped by Freeman, her mom's boyfriend. Freeman later opened up his criminal offenses to her good friend who disclosed the same towards the family members. Freeman was arraigned in the courtroom and was put in imprisonment for a working day. However , Freeman was...

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