Concert Dissertation

Concert Composition 28.08.2019
 Concert Dissertation

Concert term: Albert Au 35TH Birthday Concert

Date and Time: Apr 27, 2012 (Fri), 8: 00pm -11: 45pm

Place: yuanze

For this concert statement I chose to go to a performance of pupil composers held at YUANZE UNIVERSITY auditorium in building 6. I selected this one because I wanted to determine some of the ability that my own peers possess in the music realm, and in addition it was one of the only concert events I have been capable of attend because of religious limitations. It was amazing to hear parts composed by students. I cannot imagine creating something because complex as being a musical make up, much less basically performing it, so this facet of the concert was especially awe-inspiring. There were a large presence, and I think that much of the target audience consisted of good friends of the performers and some from the university students. We went with two friends, who weren't thus eager to get; I had to convince them by showing it would be interesting to see scholar performers/composers. В В В В В В The 1st piece was called Oblique/musique composed by Patrick Swanson. This piece instantly was out among the others due to instruments engaged. The part was performed by two people: one playing a vibraphone and the different playing a sizable drum/cymbal/gong. Yet , the part also contained prerecorded seems of stationary, bass, and an incoherent voice. From this piece the melody was repeated often. It was like the works of John Adams because of its reps, background saving, and minimalistic sounds. В В В В В В The second piece was obviously a piano structure called something Afternoon; My spouse and i didn't actually get the title. This piece had a extremely relaxing melody and a mild " cadence ". It was not fast and not slow. It had been an experience of a lifetime. We listened to a genre of music We never acquired listened to. At the concert two people performed currently leaving the group wanting for much more. I also noticed that at the back of the auditorium there was a camera crew filming the entire performance. The auditorium...

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