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Independent Proper care Termination of Case Management

Rashika Bowden

Deanna Beaubouef

Medical case management and Companies Provided in Criminal Justice-CJHS/420 Date: March 9, 2015


This paper will describe conditions and strategies for termination of case management. The topic will be about how independent care will help in continued customer growth. The task focuses on stopping case management if the client transitions to the maximum level of function, the best possible result has been obtained, or the needs/desires of the consumer change. Conditions for end of contract of case management

The termination of case management may include but is not limited to the following: The injured worker achieves maximum medical improvement as dependant upon the official treating medical professional. The case depends upon the paying customer to not anymore meet the criteria intended for case management. The situation management project has been to get the accomplishment of selected directives that have been addressed. The injured member of staff achieves good return to work.

The court orders escale of medical case management (Kane, 1993). Methods for termination of case management

Termination of medical case management services is appropriate on many occasions and might occur to get a variety of factors. In addition to procedures to insure a client's credited process privileges, the case manager will use selection of skills to help the client efficiently separate from the relationship. Termination of the case manager/client relationship is a final stage of the case supervision process. Really for both the circumstance manager and the client to respond emotionally to termination of the watch case management marriage. How each responds to the termination is influenced simply by experiences from the past, the intensity of the client/case supervision relationship, and the circumstances which usually precipitate end of contract. Case managers need to analyze their personal responses to separation and loss to enable them to be aware of just how those emotions may impact decisions to terminate case management services (Annemarie, 2001). If the case supervisor discusses end of contract of providers, the client may possibly experience a sense of abandonment, being rejected, betrayal, or perhaps loss. If the client concerns termination of services, the truth manager may possibly observe a decline inside the client's progress toward set up objectives or may see some avoidance behaviors on the part of the client. Various other clients may possibly have no observable response mainly because they have protected themselves by such emotions due to aggravating separations of the past. The truth manager will have to assess every client to determine his or her reaction to the end of contract of providers and make an attempt to deal with the negative feelings or reactions of the customer. The ideal state for discharge occurs when the consumer has fulfilled his or her ideal outcomes and the case director and customer mutually consent that there is no longer a need to get case management services. In this instance, launch may be viewed as the patient's " graduation” to a more independent lifestyle (Rothman, 1998). At other times, conditions that lead to termination of case management companies may be below ideal. For instance , the client might lose eligibility for the service before reaching ideal outcomes or the case supervisor may be unable to continue the partnership due to client noncompliance, insufficient progress toward established desired goals, or health insurance and safety worries. Other approach may begin a relationship having a client with the knowledge that some degree of intervention will be required on a long-term, open-ended basis. Involvement may be required due to the physical, mental, or perhaps emotional condition of the client or perhaps may be linked to the client's circumstances just like poverty, violent relationships, or capacity. An illustration would be case management services provided to a person who is diagnosed with AIDS. Your customer may function...

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