Chilean Mining Incident

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Chilean Mining Event


Any time a business endures some type of misfortune that could possibly involve serious injury or loss of life to the employees of the firm, it is very important to ensure the conversation that follows is acceptable. The process of handling these types of occasions can make or break a business in the wake up of a devastation. Communication towards the families of the victims from the disaster will be needing a different form of communication than will the staff of the firm.

During the Chilean mine collapse in 2010, thirty-three miners were trapped within a mine pertaining to 70 days and nights before getting rescued. During this time, neither the families of the men trapped neither the different employees with the company recognized if the guys would be rescued, or in the event that they would die underground. The boys were sooner or later rescued, that has been great for the business and the families. Yet , it could quickly create gone the other method, and destroyed the lives of the families involved plus the other workers at the company.

When conntacting the groups of the miners, it is important pertaining to the business to stay positive, but remorseful. Especially in the beginning, the family will need to hear sincere remorse from your business for the crash that occurred. However , because they are unsure in case the miners are alive, the business should give attention to keeping hope alive and attempt to maintain spirits up. The company may wish to show support for the families, present counseling, and have absolutely the households that the firm is making every hard work to recovery their loved ones. The company would also have to avoid making statements that could hold themselves liable for the accident as a result of future litigation. The assertion should be produced publicly through television or perhaps newspaper with follow up trips to all from the affected family by a associated with the company.

A draft with this statement towards the families is as follows. We all at the Minera San Esteban Primera mining corporation will be saddened...

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