Felt Cloth Company

 Felt Cloth Company Essay



A fabric company based upon material of felt like 'Silk n Kasmire', high app, good physical qualities yet valuable materials that has not really common consumption. The most important characteristic provides protection against heat and cold and waterproof. This fabric is a bit pricey because of its hardly production method. It is one of the earliest known woven elements, but believed craft misplaced its importance in the enhance of technology. Nowadays popularity of this material raises reused by designers. Household furniture and apparel sector in particular physical features are very well-liked. Production of certain criteria are attained within the framework of closes, I believe it will bring great benefit. First of all it lmost all be sold to big companies for furniture or perhaps textile, after some time there ll be developed brand personality. Clothing, fabric poducts, accesories and pieces of furniture will be deemed in this identity. 1- konunun genel anlatД±mД±_what

2- neden böyle bir konu seçtim? eksik olan birşeyler va bu alanda, bundan bahset_why 3- ürünleri daha detaylı anlat

4- keçe özelliklerini anlat

5- afin de kaynaДџД± olabilecek kurumlardan bahset_support

6- üretimi için gerekli şartlar_requirement

7- sonuç_result


Sensed. y can be described as design facilities that uses felt supplies in all products and complete development of demands. Firstly you will have a design studio which can be selling experienced goods and sell them set prices. Following certain time and create some form of product family in design studio, open chain retail outlet some particular part of diverse cities. Products and materials will be whole organic, eco-friendly and healty. So the prices can suit these kinds of product facilities. Chain stores should be high-class places and address to upper-middle and high class folks who care about healty products. Likely, FELT_y contains a webe site and buyers can use it for online shopping. There are lots of factors that i select this material pertaining to my job. Firstly i want to talk...

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