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 American Clothes Analysis a couple of Essay

Amercian Apparel

-largest clothing manufacturere in the US. It is a vertically built-in clothing producer, wholesaler, and retailer that also executes its own style, advertising, and marketing. It really is best-known to make basic natural cotton knitwear such as T-shirts and underwear, but also in recent years it includes expanded - to include tights, leotards, container tops, vintage clothing, dresses, pants, denim, nail gloss, bedding and accessories for a man, women, kids, babies and dogs.

-Who is the customer/ target market: particularly young adults, many people coming from all ages

-company background: founded in Montreal, Quebec

In 2000 American Apparel came into its current factory in downtown Are usually where this continued to grow mostly as a low cost business, selling blank Tshirts to screenprinters, uniform businesses and trend brands. -After its success being a wholesale manufacturer, the company moved into the housing market for full retail list prices. The company was ranked 308th in Incorporation. 's 2006 list of the 500 quickest growing companies in the United States, using a 440% three-year growth and revenues in 2005 of over US$ 211 , 000, 000.


-10000 employees

52% female, 48% male, median age if 25yrs

-154 LA, 52 NYC, seventeen Canada, 16 London, South usa, Europe, Australia, Isreal, Japan, South Korea, China

so why they are good or strategies to do better: Firm is known intended for cutting-edge advertising and item branding. Their " Manufactured in Downtown LA” oeartion written for significant brand awareness and a cult status globally. American Clothing uses a vertically integrated business model which reduces the use of sub-contractors and offshore labor. Sewing, dyeing, sewing, photography, promoting, distribution, and design almost all happen within our facilities in Los Angeles -competitors: Competition pertaining to the clothing store industry comes with department stores, price cut stores, and Internet and catalog retailers -Fruit in the Loom

-Urban Outfitters



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