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Globalization: A Transition to What?

Barber, Benjamin 3rd there’s r. Introduction to Jihad vs . McWorld (New York: Ballantine Catalogs, 1996) Kobrin, Stephen T. " Back to the Future: Neomedievalism and the Postmodern Digital Universe Economy, " Globalization and Governance (London: Routledge, 99. After the bloody clashes among anti-globalization protesters and the law enforcement officials in Genoa, globalization can be once again for the world's plan and it is not going anywhere soon. A dream to a few and a nightmare in front of large audiences, globalization is actually a widely contested issue between journalists and scholars, among intellectuals of all profiles, business people and decision-makers as well. Benjamin R. Barber, Walt Whitman teacher of political science, and Stephen M. Kobrin, teacher of multinational management, equally join the discussion, each supplying his own vision of what the post-modern future of this kind of globalized globe might seem like. In " Jihad versus McWorld" Barber's fragmented as well as integrated universe is " terminally post-democratic" (20). It can be pulled apart by simply two opposition forces: disintegrating ethnic hatreds and unifying mechanisms of worldwide economy, non-e of which cares for you much for civic culture and municipal liberties. In Barber's lingo Jihad stands for the sightless parochialism of any kind, nevertheless primarily pertaining to tribal instincts that tear countries apart and trigger bloody wars. McWorld epitomizes the world of consumerist capitalism unified by trade, entertainment and consumerism that knows no borders. Though Jihad may seem like a more evident threat to democracy, McWorld is no healthier because the two are enemies from the sovereign nation states and of democracy. Barber warns that democracy might be collateral harm from the conflict between the positive effect and parochial fragmentation. В While Herrefris?r is generally interested in the fate of democracy, Kobrin gives a immense amount of attention to the situation of point out sovereignty in the increasingly included world. In " Back again...

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